No Motive

Sitting here with the swirl in my gut
how quickly the nothingness can spread
when it has nothing to focus on.
Time ticks forward
Life passes by
Motivation, Motives
lost on me, because I don’t care.

I have no desire to impress anyone.
Social media sickens me
I don’t need your reassurance that I’m living a productive life
because I don’t care.
I used to care, it used to add a spring in my step
I might impress someone that will turn into a cool friend to have
I’ll be their cool friend too, because I’m impressive.
Fuck that.
Why would I want to impress you?
It’s all human novelty or vanity, or something..
and either way I have no use for it.

So yeah, I’m sitting here at 3 in the morning
an “artist” staring at a white screen,
typing out whatever garbage comes to my mind
Because it’s easier than actually creating something.
I could create art on canvas,
I could write or record a song,
but that requires too much effort.
I have no motivation, no reason to create anything

and so I won’t.