Own Your Pieces

I’m sick of people clinging to “mental illnesses” as an excuse or a crutch
There is no such thing as mental illness
We were crafted in the void and released with an individual purpose
Within us are tools to help us accomplish our purpose
Not everyone is a screwdriver
Just because you’re not assembled like the other screwdrivers
doesn’t mean that you have a “mental illness”
it means you were built for something else.

If you are clinically “insane”,
embrace it,
use it,
let it guide you
fuck society
they don’t know what you are here to do
they will try to force you to be a screwdriver
when you’re a mother fucking chainsaw

stop trying to fit in
stop using “mental illness” as an excuse
Find your own path
own yourself and all that you are
even if they can’t understand.