Fuck You, Human.

i must confess
i don’t care who or what you worship
i don’t care who is, or who isn’t president
i don’t care if you’re conservative or liberal
i don’t care about “my” country or “your” country
i don’t care about equal rights or unequal rights
i don’t care about race
i don’t care about taxes
i don’t care about promotions or demotions
i don’t care about my issues or your issues
i don’t care about what’s trending on netflix or facebook
i don’t care about your face in your selfies
(if you want my interest, feed the beast and show more tits)
i don’t care what pleases you
i don’t care what offends you
it’s all just clutter to me
pile after pile of bullshit
why should it matter?
i’m so over the pettiness of human existence
just shut the fuck up


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