Subhuman Waltz

You my friend, are no match for me tonight
Ill-willed and flaunting my spine of razor blades
Tongued with venom,
just beneath these passive aggressive lips
You better believe that I’m a viper
This ratty-ass mask is starting to fray
Wore it too tight,
for way too long
I’m fucking sick of it anyways.
What am I doing here?
Where the hell am I going?
Life is just a big game of jenga
Pluck this piece, pluck that one
Oh my! Look at white boy dance.
Yeah, I’m dancing here
Dancing for my life.
I don’t dare stop, no, there’s no stopping now
If I do..I have no clue what will happen
but for some reason, stopping isn’t an option in my mind
And so here I go, I’m dancing for you.
and you and you and YOU (yes, you).
Please pull the thorns out
I honestly can’t tell what is pain and what is pleasure anymore.
Am I enjoying this?
I can’t tell, I can’t tell.
I have to ask why, why?

2 am, standing outside in the cold
Hoping that I can shiver myself back to reason
Hoping I can freeze a layer or two of this unrelenting chaos
or if nothing else let me freeze in my tracks
unable to make the wrong decision.

Right from wrong sounds so easy
when you’re not in the middle of it.
when it’s not pulling on your strings of sanity
It’s almost time
It’s almost time
to say good bye.

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