Cloak & Dagger

A shooting star, appears and sears the sky in a flash
Just slow enough for me to see
But too fast for me to wish upon
my wish formulates, slowly, light years after the fact
until its hollow husk sits dead on my tongue
it’s a bittersweet taste,
I savor what could’ve been,
I can almost taste how sweet it could’ve been – if only…
and then I taste time and decay,
I taste truth and lies
I taste reality
and it starts to churn and burn upon my tongue
until I can’t stand the taste or sensation of my stillborn wish a moment longer
…I swallow it down
where it joins a pile of other deads
in the depths of my darkness

I’ve grown so tired of being darkness.
Exhausted beyond words.
So hungry, for so long
that the hunger has turned into a dull pulse
a weak but unrelenting heartbeat, in a place so far below that I know a heart could never be

I abandoned any hope, dream, desire of tasting the light again.
But you..little star..
Blindsided me
Diving headfirst into my pit
Oh and like a moth I was drawn
against my will, my crooked mind went blank
a light so bright in a dark so vast
and I consumed
and I consumed
and I consumed
until not a speck of light was left.

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