I don’t like making multiple entries in the same day (or night).
But my mind is too active to sleep,
I’m hoping that I can blow off some steam here.

I’ve always felt that less is more.
If you are heard too much –
If you are seen too much –
If you are felt too much –
people get used to you, used to it.
When that happens your value to them becomes less,
they don’t realize it, it’s just human nature
We take things for granted that we think will always be there
So by giving anything too much, you are degrading it.
Always leave them wanting more
and if they don’t want more after they’ve had just a taste –
well, then you’ll never really win them over anyways
So in those cases I find it’s best to make myself scarce in a hurry.
I’ve become an expert at slipping out of places
I’m so good at it, people seem to instantly forget I was ever there.

I think it’s in a introverts nature to walk lightly
and cover any tracks you may have left.
And this is because we need to reassure ourselves
that when we make our escape
that no one can track us or follow us
and we will truly be left alone.

Alone..what a love/hate relationship we have with that, don’t we?

It’s like..we just want to be left alone,
but we need to know that there are people -out there-
even if they all end up taxing our inner energies.
We still need them.
And it sucks because most of the time people are down right annoying.
You hate how barbaric and loud and dense they can be
You think of them as some sort of lesser species.
Come on introverts, you know it’s true.
We think we are smarter and more in touch
than all the simpletons we are surrounded by
in truth though..yes, a lot of them are idiots, but not all of them
I think we just want a certain kind of attention,
and because most people aren’t equipped with the tools
or abilities to dig deep enough into our stone
to reach that itch we need scratched –
we hold it against them.
They’re oblivious and we’re needy and overemotional,
not a winning combo.


I say make yourself scarce.
It’s better to be nonexistent than it is to be underappreciated,
Don’t waste your time being anything less than everything.


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